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REMITT development has now been moved to github:

Both the codebase and documentation now reside there, so throw a push request our way if you’d like to contribute!

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REMITT v0.5.0 Released

REMITT v0.5.0 has been released at It is a rewrite of previous versions of the software as a J2EE application. It also adds quite a bit of functionality, including: a SOAP/REST interface, unit testing, a web based configuration interface, support for insurance eligibility testing capabilities for clearinghouses, X12 835 remittance processing, support for remittance “callbacks” to EMR/PM systems, and a self-patching/maintaining database system.

REMITT is, as always, available under an opensource license and is developed and maintained by the FreeMED Software Foundation.

All newer versions of FreeMED (0.9.x) require this version of REMITT to have billing functionality.

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We’re moving to a CMS system as we roll out the new 0.5.x series of REMITT, based on J2EE. Keep watching this site for more information about the new release…

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